Pelio, A Mountain for All Seasons

If you are planning a visit to the Pelio Mountain, here are few tips to get you started.

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How to get there:

Volos is 325 km away from Athens. From there you continue on towards Portaria, Hania and Zagora, heading for Horefto. The journey is about 5 hours long.  


Where to stay:

Arhondiko (Mansion) Drakopoulou in Zagora; a traditional guest house with five, totally different, double rooms.

Tel: 24260-23.566

Klytia, in Horefto; a renovated house in traditional architectural style of Pelio.

Tel: 24260-23.023

Archondiko (Mansion) Stamou in Zagora; a recently renovated, top quality, guest house.

Tel: 24260-23.880

Anesis in Ai Yannis, with a spectacular view.

Tel: 24260-31.123

Agnandi in Horefto.

Tel: 24260-23.114

Palaia Damouhari in Damouhari; probably the most recently-built hotel in the area. 12 independent apartments with a beautiful view of the Aegean.



 Where to eat :

• Paradiso, in Tsagarada village, for fantastic cheesepies.


•  Galeo and Poseidonas in Agios Giannis, for fresh fish.


•  Petros Sogabros and the grill house Exartisi, in Horefto. 


•  Plymari, the sole tavern of the village, in Analipsi.



Useful Infromation

Telephone code                                  24260
Medical Center in Zagora                     24260 22.222
Municipality of Zagora                         24260 22.520

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