Mediterranean: Valle d'Aosta and Pelion, Two Winter Destinations

When we talk about winter vacations, what comes to mind are scenes from Switzerland, Austria, Finland and other traditional destinations, where snow covers the trees all through the winter months. Yet the Mediterranean too has plenty of places to offer filled with snow, fir trees and a unique atmosphere.

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Italy: Valle d’Aosta



Valle d' aosta ponte Romano


This area in Northwest Italy is filled by the mountainous Alps and borders France and Switzerland. Valle d’ Aosta’s inhabitants speak either Italian or French and its economy is mainly based on winter tourism.

The most visited towns are Champoluc, Courmayeur and the beautiful village of Saint Vincent. Skiing is the main passtime at Breuil-Cervinia, Italy’s largest ski center, as well as in Monterosa. In Valle d’ Aosta you can also visit the Gran Paradiso national reserve, one of Italy’s most beautiful.


Valle d' Aosta


Where to stay:


Domina Home Les Jumeaux
Strada Regionale, 35, 11013 Courmayeur, Aosta

Tel +39 (0)165 846796

Hostellerie Du Cheval Blanc
Via Clavalité, 20, 11100 Aosta 
Tel +39 (0)165 239140

Hotel Relais Des Glaciers
Route Dondeynaz 9, 11020 Champoluc
Tel +39 (0)125 308182



Greece: Pelion


Milies rail station


Pelion is a stunning mountain in Thessaly’s prefecture of Magnesia, close to the city of Volos, offering many villages all with traditional architecture and natural beauty.

Pelion is also known as the “mountain of Centaurs”, because it is said that the Centaurs (mythical creatures, half human-half horse) used to live here.

Near the top of the mountain there is a modern ski center, not far from the beautiful and popular villages of Portaria, Makrynitsa, Zagora and Chania. It’s worth tasting local specialties such as spetzofai, traditional pasta, wild mushrooms and home made sweets.


Makrinitsa Pelion


Where to stay:


Archontiko Argyro                                   
Koukourava, 37011, Makrynitsa
Tel +30 24280 99353

Hotel Portaria
Portaria 37011
Tel +30 24280 90000

Xenia Palace
Portaria 37 011
Tel +30 24280 9998083,

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