Tsipouro: A spirit of experience from generation to generation

Tsipouro is one of the oldest spirits in the world. It is first mentioned in Mount Athos in the 14th century A.D. During the centuries it’s production spread throughout Greece and today everybody enjoy their Tsipouro with or without food, straight or in a cocktail.

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We were recently invited by the Tsililis family to their distillery in Raxa, Trikala. This visit taught us the secrets of the distillation of the new favorite drink of the Greeks. The Tsililis family, a distillers’ family for three generations, have turned their experience and long time knowledge, into a modern distillation unit that produces Tsipouro and grape spirits of high quality and absolute safety.

Tsipouro is produced by the distillation of grape skins that are left after pressing the grapes for the production of must for wine. During distillation aromatic botanicals can be added, like aniseed or fennel in order to offer their aromatic values to the spirit as well as it’s characteristic blurring when it comes into contact with water. In the Tsililis Distillery, two kinds of Tsipouro is produced, with or without aniseed.

What is really interesting is the fact that Greek consumers tend to prefer Tsipouro over all other spirits. This is the result of the recent tendency of younger people to go out in company, avoid clubs and bars and resort in small tavernas, a tendency absolutely linked with the philosophy behind Tsipouro. Meze and food in general, usually accompany Tsipouro and not the opposite, like in wine. It is a fact that Tsipouro and it’s philosophy is totally connected to Greek mentality. Tsililis family knows that well and makes sure that they provide Greece with Tsipouro and spirits of unmatched quality.

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