Greek Cocktails

Below, the Gourmed Team will attempt to answer some frequently asked questions regarding Greek cocktails...

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1) Which are the most popular cocktails in Greece? Are there any differences in the choices of men and women?

First, Greeks opt for sweet and sour flavors- drinks like Margaritas and Daiquiris, often with fruits, and recently Caipirinhas and Mojitos as well. Cosmopolitans became popular after the Sex & the City series. Like most places in the world, women generally choose vodka cocktails with a variety of colors, especially pink and red, while men prefer those based on whiskey.


2) Are there famous Greek or Mediterranean cocktails?

Yes, there are different mixtures based on Greek traditional alcoholic drinks like ouzo, tsipouro, masticha, and Metaxa. For example, the Acropolis with ouzo, lemonade and grenadine, the Mediterranean sunset with ouzo, orange juice and grenadine, or the Martini mastic. Italy is the country that has the longest tradition of cocktails. The most popular are Negroni (Florence) and Bellini (Venice).


3) Which drinks are counterfeits? Is it a Greek phenomenon? What can we do to protect ourselves?

Counterfeit drinks include harmful alcohol, primarily methanol. Such a drink would have a minimal production cost and can even cause blindness. The only alcoholic substance that is safe for consumption is ethanol. Alcohol intended for the production of alcoholic drinks, is produced by distillation of products that come from the fermentation of starch materials, like cereals. This phenomenon is mainly Greek and happens mainly during summer months. Because we don’t have many ways to protect ourselves, we must choose where we would like to go out with caution. We must drink responsibly, and must keep an eye on the person that serves us.

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