White, rose, red or green?

Organic farming has covered almost everything that earth can produce and we can consume. How could wine be an exception?

By Panos Georgountzos

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Vine is one of those plants, closely connected with humans. We have analysed it so much, that in every part of the vine-growing world, there are people that know how to treat it in order for it to be 100% productive. Therefore the better you treat your vines the better quality of grapes you’ll get.

Think of the vine as a child. There are parents, that after having taught their child to eat junk food and smoke passively at home, when it gets sick ( since the child will be weak), they buy the most expensive chemical drugs in order to be healthy again and eat its favorite burger. On the other hand, there are parents that make sure, that their child is fed since its early childhood, with the most natural and pure food,  that it takes the vitamins it needs in a natural way, that it works out often and that it grows up in a clean and healthy environment. And when it gets sick, which in this case is seldom, they treat it with natural methods.  

The case is similar for the vine. The use of chemical pesticides creates in the short term some kind of immunity of the plant towards diseases, which in the long term is canceled, since bugs become stronger and get used to the chemicals. So the producer has to use stronger chemicals that can protect the vines and so on… Let alone the fact that all these chemicals end up in our bodies…

Organic vine-growing on the other hand, promises results through natural alternative means, that are used in order to create strong plants that will be able to resist dangers by themselves. Moreover, harmful bugs have their own enemies, other bugs that can exterminate them without harming the vine. Thus, there have been created vineyards, where the prevention and cure of diseases, do not include the use of substances suspicious or harmful for humans.  

Organic vine-growing, has eventually been criticized for the quality of the final result. Some producers believe that organic vines are not adequately protected and thus their grapes lacks quality. It is a fact, that very few of the world’s supposed “great wines” are organic. Of course the international tendency is the creation of organic vineyards.

The final decision, as always, it made by consumers. And if you are one of those that follow a natural way of living, then its easy to find the wine that suits you the best. In wine stores, there are numerous organic wines that can suit all tastes. And if you are afraid that organic goods are expensive, you’ll be surprised with wine. Organic wine prices are very close to the prices of non organic wines.

And a secret. Greek law on organic winemaking applies only to the stage of wine growing. So the bottle said “wine made from grapes of organic farming. What applies to the wine making stage is a different case. The only comforting thing is that there is no real need for use of chemical during that stage. Whatever the case, it is now a fact, that you can order your wine…green!

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