Dr. Fahd Benslimane

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Dr. Fahd Benslimane received his full general surgery training in Morocco and France and continued with plastic surgery training in Brazil, under the guidance of Professor Pitanguy. Dr. Benslimane later pursued a subspecialty fellowship in Chicago at the Massonic Occulo Plastic Institute.

In 1994 Dr. Benslimane founded the Benslimane Clinic, dedicated to the art and science of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Since his return to Morocco, Dr. Benslimane has strived tirelessly to master his skills and has participated in numerous international conferences, while visiting the most prestigious aesthetic plastic surgery centres throughout the world.

In 2004, Dr. Benslimane invented and patented a new shape of breast implant.

In 2006, Dr. Benslimane developed  "the Benslimane Frame concept", a metered artistic approach to eyelid and gaze rejuvenation. This advanced approach has been published in the book Fat injection: from filling to regeneration.

In 2008, he developed “the Benslimane Artistic Model for leg and ankle reshaping”.

Over the years Dr. Benslimane has contributed significantly to the technological advances in his field, developing innovative techniques and introducing new surgical procedures. His achievements and research have been acclaimed internationally by his peers. Dr. Benslimane is now a regular guest-speaker at international conferences and conducts live demonstrations of his techniques.

Dr. Benslimane is an active member of the ‘International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’ (ISAPS).

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