Ioanna Dimopoulou

I like to eat, drink and be merry. And to cook, of course. The whole food thing has turned me into a junkie,.....

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.........which is why I named my blog Food Junkie not Junk Food.


I take my own photos and what you see has been freshly cooked by me. I then eat it or feed my ‘guinea pigs’/husband and friends. If they don’t die, I then write up the recipe and present it to the world; I learnt this very scientific method while studying archaeology for years and years.


What I enjoy most is cooking for others, which is why we always have friends and relatives over for lunches and dinners.


Unfortunately, I cannot open my own restaurant, as I lack the money, stamina and any official culinary diplomas; publishing recipes in Gourmed and my blog, however, is an alternative, great way to share my food with all of you. 

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