Dimitris Chatzinikolaou

Graduated from the University of Bordaux as a certified wine taster (D.U.A.D.), with a Master’s Degree in viniculture (D.E.A.) and a doctorate in microbiology.  He was given the French nationality, in honour of his perennial contribution to new white wine production methods .  

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Returning to Greece, he opened up new horizons for the wine scene in Greece by creating the first Technology and Marketing Consulting Office and naming it “Oenos, o Agapitos” (wine, the beloved).


His elaboration on the creation of new wine-making units, the vinification of selected varieties and his contribution to the formation of the idea of the “small producer”, are only three examples of his activities as a Technology of Wine Consultant.


In wine marketing, his main focus is the improvement of the packaging of wines (creating new labels and bottles) and the promotion of the extended wine choices of the consumer.


Various articles in newspapers and magazines, radio and television shows, books and web publications have earned him recognition as a pioneering wine journalist, for his promotion of quality wine in our Greece.


In 1993 he founded the first School of Wine in Greece, with, at present, more than 2.500 alumni.


He has published ten different books in Greek, as well as the first International Oenical Atlas (Eleytheroudakis Editions), written in Greek.


His book Favorite Wineries to visit, is an elegant album of wineries which are open to the public in the 250 illustrated pages.


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