Jacoline Vinke, the woman who knows by heart the soul of Greece

Jacoline Vinke, author of the Great Small Hotels in Greece, Around Greece in 80 Stays and Jacoline's Small Hotels in Greece is a writer whose journey around Greece is literally a lifetime achievement.

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Jacoline Vinke has travelled around the islands and mainland of Greece and has written about hotels and guesthouses of character, each with a story to tell.

If you are the sort of tourist who want to be a well read traveler before arriving in Greece and check in advance what other foreigners have discovered in a country that they call HOME, Jacoline is the only author you should read.   Her books are the ultimate travelogue. 
For more than ten years, Jacoline Vinke has been traveling all over Greece searching for exceptional small hotels and guesthouses. She has been to 48 islands and to almost every corner of the mainland. In all of her  books, she presents her  favorite discoveries, places marked by character, charm, beauty, warmth and friendliness.
Most are in historical buildings, many are off the beaten track, and each is unique. An appealing guesthouse that won’t blow the budget, a spoil-me-rotten honeymoon hotel, a bed and breakfast right by the sea, a family-run little hotel in town or a cosy mountain retreat - whatever you are looking for, you will find it in her books.

You will get an insider's glimpse into authentic Greece  hidden usually in tourist guides.

Her acclaimed collection of hotels - and not only hotels- will give you startling insights into the nation's history, landscape and culinary culture.

If you would like to hear her latest discoveries of wonderful little hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs in Greece, sign up for her quarterly newsletter
Her facebook page is the best kept secret of the Greek traveler.

 The photographs by Julia Klimi, Andre Baker  throughout her books make clear the style and uniqueness of each place she visited and are masterpieces.



Her informative books highlight the Greece everyone here at Gourmed LOVES!

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