D.O.P. Olive Oil

Below, the Gourmed Team will attempt to answer whatever questions you might have regarding the mysterious "D.O.P." designation for olive oil...

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What is D.O.P.?

D.O.P./P.D.O. (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta / Protected Designation of Origin) is a designation that can be assigned by the European Union connected with a specific geographical area. It defines and sets standards for the quality and taste, in addition to other noteworthy characteristics, of a particular product.
Why is D.O.P. important?

D.O.P. status was created by the European Union in 1992 firstly with the purpose of ensuring the quality and authenticity of the foods that we consume, but secondly as a way to help promote those agricultural products and foods that have special value because of the way or place in which they are produced.
What does D.O.P. guarantee in terms of olive oil?

  • That the olive oil is produced in a specific geographic area.
  • That the olive oil is pressed from a specific variety of olives cultivated in that area. The quality and organoleptic characteristics of olive oil are dependent upon the climate and the soil.
  • That the olive oil is pressed at less than 27oC.
  • That the Ministry of Agriculture and the EU concur on the quantity of D.O.P. oil produced in a given year.
  • That each bottling is numbered and supervised.
  • That the olive oil is of a superior quality.

How can we recognize D.O.P?

  • By the EU symbol on the label
  • By checking the bottle number
  • By looking at the production date on the label

What Greek olive oils has the International Olive Oil Council designated to be D.O.P.?

  • D.O.P. Sitia, Lasithi Crete: World Champion in the taste of intense fruitiness

    D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sitia of Crete is produced from the Koroneiki variety of olive trees and has an intense fruity taste. It has a gentle aroma of olive leaves, with green apple, as well as a distinctly emerald green color.
  • D.O.P. Kalamata: Has the peppery aftertaste flavor of fresh green olive
    D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Kalamata is also produced from the Koroneiki variety of olive trees. This oil is characterized by its distinct pleasant aroma and green color. It has a rich, spicy taste with a hint of bitter almond.

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