Cocktails of the Carnivals

Three cities that enthusiastically embrace the carnival season, each with their own traditions and their very own cocktail! The cocktail recipes were provided by the bartenders Achilles Karaoulanis and John Orfanos.

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The city: Rio de Janeiro
You are almost certainly familiar with the biggest street party in the world. Beautiful bodies dressed in stardust and little else their hips faster than you imagine possible. You can mingle with the Cariocas, dance the Samba and drink Caipirinha all night long, among a crowd of 30,000 people and another million, watching on TV.
Dress in glitter!

The cocktail: Caipirinha
Caipirinha, the Brazilian national drink, literally means “little farm girl”. It is made with Cachaca, an extremely sweet Brazilian rum made from sugarcane juice. There are more than 4000 brands, but it is important that you choose a premium one for this cocktail, because the drink alone does not have an intense aroma and a cheaper make may ruin an otherwise perfect Caipirinha. You can also try it with fresh mango, strawberry or passion fruit juice.

45 ml Cachaca
2 ts. Sugar
½ lime cut in four
Trimmed ice

How to do it
Put the sugar in the bottom of the glass. Add the lime and crush it with a wooden pestle, in order to extract its juice. Add the Cachaca and the trimmed ice, stir and serve with two short straws.

The city: Venice
The masks offer an enticing anonymity. Experience the rebirth of the 17th century Comedia dell’ Arte, dress as a 'plague doctor' and dance in the Piazza San Marco, or risk it all in the Ridoto casino.

Dress in luxurious lace!
Warning: Do not fall in the canals.

The cocktail: Negroni
This is an appetizer and is famous as an aperitif. It was first created in 1919, when Count Camillo Negroni added gin to a cocktail Americano, instead of soda water. Campari sharpens the sweetness of vermouth, and vermouth softens the edges of Campari... and gin enhances all the flavors.

20 ml Campari
20 ml Red Vermouth
20 ml Gin

How to do it 

Add all ingredients to an old-fashioned glass containing ice, stir and garnish with a slice of peeled orange.


The city: Patras
You are in a full party mood, you are dressed as Zorro or a belly dancer, and you are walking on broken Mavrodafni bottles. Dance in the colorful parade, take part in the treasure hunt, and don't be afraid to hit people on the head with a plastic bat!
Dress in all the colors you can find!

The cocktail: Pandesia 
Exclusively created for the readers of Gourmed, Pandesia (the Greek word for feast), is a tentura-based cocktail. Tentura is the traditional aperitif of Patras; according to tradition, its roots lie in the 15th century, during Venetian rule. It is made with distilled cinnamon. All distilleries in Patras produce Tentura and each has its own unique flavor. The elder inhabitants of Patras also call tentura, 'moshovolithra' due to its intense aromas, and often drink it after a good meal, as a liqueur. It is drunk straight or with ice.

10 ml Tentura
30 ml Mastic
1 Slice of lime
1 Slice of orange
1 ts Honey
40 ml Morello cherry juice

How to do it
We squeeze the orange and lime and add honey. We then fill the glass with the tentura, mastic and morello cherry, and shake with ice.

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