Places to eat like a local in Athens

Visiting Athens ? Check out the top restaurants where locals like to eat everyday. Enjoy aromatic, colorful dishes and lively conversation with friends in tavernas established 2 centuries ago, still offering the same exact fare.

Discover the restaurants where you can have a decent meal in the centre of Athens, the places where locals savour inexpensive, yet delicious meals.

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Sokratous  & Theatrou, Athens
T 210 321 1463

​Diporto, a workers taverna established in 1887 is located next to Varvakeios agora, Athens’ meat and fish market bustling with energy every weekday. The basement-level Rustic taverna filled with wine barrels, whose name means “having two doors,” is easy to miss, given the lack of a sign and fact that the place is literally underground. Well known for its salads, stews, and delicious revithia (chickpeas) and gigantes (butter beans or giant beans) has been offering the same menu for 2 centuries. This is the kind of place where you can see pretty much anyone from the mayor of Athens to elderly men working in the market.

Kanari Street 116-119, Moschato

Definitely the best fried shrimps  & fried red mullets (barbounia) in town.The decor and the environment look as if time stopped at 1950's and Melina Mercouri and Jules Dassin are about to walk in. This is the top fish taverna in Athens-Pireaus a 15 min drive from the center of Athens, with a most beautiful environment, remembrance of old Athens and a little terrace with all sorts of flowers.

​Evripidou  86, Psirri
T 210 324 2775

Tellis has been slaving over the flame grill at this fluoro-lit, bare-walled, paper-tablecloth grill, cooking his famous pork chops, since 1978. There’s nothing else on the menu – just meat, chips and Greek salad, washed down with rough house wine or beer.

​Eptahalkou 5, Thision
​T 210 345 8052

You’ll often see people waiting for a table at this grill (psistaria in Greek), famous for its tasty grilled lamb and pork chops. With tables under the trees on the quiet pedestrian strip opposite the church, it’s a no-frills place with barrel wine and simple dips, chips and salads.

Kallisthenous & Kydantidon 41, Petralona
210 3412538

A well kept secret among Athenians located away from the main tourist attractions, only a 15 minute walk from Thession Temple. It was recently redecorated. There are several other restaurants and taverns in the area,most of them packed with locals, but this the one to try. You will get excellent cooked meals and fresh fish when available.

Arktinou 35 and Pausaniou 4 ,Pagrati

Close to the Panathenaic Stadium, this place serves the best authentic Greek dishes. With lots of meat dishes to choose from and some casserole cooked dishes, and meze. The place opens only at night, around 8pm.  If the weather is nice you get to sit in the courtyard for a proper tavern experience. . Cosmopolitan and populace, extrovert yet lonesome. see a more detailed review

Themistokleous 8 & Nikitara 9, Omonoia
T 210 3838531

Trata is a clean and inconspicuous place, decorated  in island white, staffed by friendly people whose judgment on the catch of the day can be trusted. A good choice would be to try pasta with seafood. If you want something light, enjoy the extremely tasty meze like tarama salad (taramosalata) and drink their famous tsipouro (Greek Grappa).




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