Greece: Twenty Gourmed Facts and Figures about Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino is a new holiday destination in Messenia, Greece. It is an establishment that strives to be respectful to the environment, to the local traditions and the people of the region; an expansive resort that will eventually have various hotels within its grounds and houses the first sea-side golf course in Europe. Here you will find a Gourmed list of things that you should know to look out for if visiting Costa Navarino. We want to ensure you do not miss out on any of the fun and interesting aspects of the resort!

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1.Costa Navarino is on the road to being totally self–sufficient in terms of electrical energy.

2.       Go to the uniquely designed Sand Castle which offers creative entertainment and education for children, sleepover nights with other children from the resort and a neighbouring water park for children and their parents.

3.    Take cooking classes at the Omega Restaurant preceded by an excursion to the vegetable garden.

4.   Go on an afternoon bike ride to the most beautiful beach in the area called Voidokilia.

5.       Learn how to surf, kite surf, or paddle surf at the beach in front of the hotel.

6.       Organize a conference or event of any sort, for more than 1000 people, in a beautiful place surrounded by culture and nature.

7.       Select your favorite movie, go to the private movie theater and enjoy it with your family or friends.

8.       Play a game of bowling.

9.       Take a tour of all the art pieces in the resort.

10.   Sit in the gardens at night and listen to the frogs croaking and the crickets singing; watch the star-filled sky.

11.   Take a walk along the beach, find a private spot, and go skinny dipping without anyone bothering you!

12.   Go to the Natura Hall for environmental education on sustainable development, the biodiversity of the region and the traditions of the local community.

13.   Walk around the grounds looking out for all the local herbs that have been magically incorporated into the landscaping.

14.   Ask about the Navarino Environmental Observatory, a research program dedicated to the local climate and environment, hosted within the grounds of Costa Navarino.

15.   Play backgammon and drink a Greek coffee accompanied by a traditional sweet at the local “Kafeneio” (Coffee shop) in the “Agora” of the resort.

16.   Listen to a variety of music accompanying black and white movies in the central plaza- “Agora”.

17.   Watch the women from the village make the traditional, intricately decorated wedding bread they make for their groom’s family.

18.   Learn about the largest olive tree transplant operation, and the highly respected position olive has in the local community!

19.   The land Costa Navarino is being hosted by is made up of 1,200 separate properties that were bought over a 25 year period!

20.   Costa Navarino is the result of a man who dared to dream, had the means to accomplish this dream and a sense of responsibility to the whole.

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