Salmon Rolls with Raisins and Celery

This elegant and nutritious salmon appetizer can be served hot or cold.

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  • 1 salmon fillet 300 gr
  • 4-5 celery sprigs
  • 2 spoonfuls raisins
  • 2 leeks
  • 250 gr  cream
  • 2 spoonfuls mustard with seeds
  • 1 glass white wine
  • salt, pepper


Soak the raisins in the white wine.

Clean the celery  of fibers, cut into short sticks and set in boiling water for ten minutes.

Cut the leeks into pieces approximately 12 cm long. Make incisions along one side of each piece down to the middle to separate the leaves and then also add them to boiling water for 10 minutes until they soften.

Open the salmon fillet and make a thin slice. (A note of caution: it must be a fillet and not a slice of salmon).

In a sheet of aluminum foil  arrange in layers, first the leeks, then the salmon, and then spread the raisins and celery on top.

Salt and pepper to taste and wrap tightly into a roll.

The rolls are lowered in boiling water for 20 minutes.

For the mustard sauce warm the cream and mix in the mustard.

Lower the heat and stir regularly until the mix sets.

When the rolls have cooled we cut them in slices and serve them with the sauce.


A chilled Chardonnay is a good match
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