Cuttlefish Risotto

Making risotto is an art.... if you learn how to master the method you will be able to make it with any ingredient your heart desires! Black cuttlefish risotto is a delicacy with a refined taste that can be accompanied well with a dry white wine.

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1200 gr. cuttlefish
280 gr. risotto rice/ fat grain or arborio rice
1dl olive oil
60 gr. tomatoes
200 gr. onion
20 gr. garlic
20 gr. parsley leaves
3 gr. pepper
20 gr. salt
1 tbsp butter



Wash, dry, remove dark skin and cartilage from cuttlefish, and carefully take out the ink sac and save it for later.

Cut the meat into small pieces.

Chop the onion, garlic and parsley into fine pieces

Place chopped onion, garlic and parsley and cuttlefish meat on heated oil in a pot and add salt.

Sauté over high heat until the onion begins to go transparent. Stir occasionally so that it doesn't burn!

Add the pepper and tomatoes and let boil for about 5-10 minutes until the water from the tomatoes has evaporated.

Add washed rice, and stir around until all the grain has been heated well.

Turn the heat to medium, and add the first ladel of  water or fish broth until it is slightly above the rice and let it begin to boil softly, stir quite often with a wooden spatula/spoon.

Let the liquid be totally absorbed by the rice, and then repeat the same process adding ladel after ladel of broth as called for by the rice.

You will know you are adding the last ladel of broth when the rice is still a little hard in the center but soft on the outside.

Before removing from heat, just before the rice is completely cooked, add the contents of the ink sack to get the black risotto.

Add the spoonful of butter to tie the sauce together and give it a shiny finish.


* At this point your risotto should have a small excess of thick smooth liquid, if it has too much liquid and it is still thin, it to a boil on high heat if your rice won't over cook or add more butter and mix well.



The rice you use to make risotto is one of the most important parts!
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