Swordfish Kebabs

Swordfish kebabs are a fantastic summer lunch: refreshing, easy to make and very healthy! Accompany them with grilled seasonal vegetables, or a rocket and lettuce salad.

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750 gr of swordfish

a medium bunch of parsley, chopped 

a bag of bay leaves

200 gr cherry tomatoes

1 cup olive oil

juice of 3 lemons

salt & pepper to taste


Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

If the swordfish is in steaks, cut them into pieces of about 2cm x 2cm.

Put the pieces of swordfish in a bowl and lavishly season with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little chopped parsley. Mix well.

Thread the cubes onto small bamboo or metal skewers, alternating with bay leaves and cherry tomatoes.

Mix the olive oil and lemon well, making sure they become a homogeneous liquid (1 portion lemon to 3 oil).

Grill and serve with the mix of olive oil and lemon on the side.


Be very careful with the amount of time you leave them on the grill. Swordfish can get very dry and chewy! A trick: it is ready when it easily "breaks" when squeezed softly between your fingers. If it is too hard it has over cooked! Test one first, then grill the rest.
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