How to Maintain the Perfect Body Weight

Scroll down to discover what to eat, what to avoid, and how to reach and maintain the perfect weight for your body...

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1. Often times people instinctively eat because they are either anxious or bored. Before you eat, ask yourself if you are hungry. If not, resist your psychological food craving via another activity. Go for a walk, for example.

2. In the same way that you pay full attention to what you are doing while at work, you should pay attention to what you are doing while eating. Avoid eating when you are in a hurry, while standing up, when watching television, or while reading. Even if you are eating alone your meals should last at least 15-20 minutes. Eat gradually, and only until you are no longer hungry.

3. On a busy day, eating while driving or walking might be unavoidable. But still, try to find a quiet place to pause and eat somewhat peacefully. In doing so, you will be able to pay full and complete attention to what you are putting in your mouth, therefore avoiding overeating.

4. When you feel the overwhelming need to nibble, have something healthy close at hand like nuts or fruit. Hide sweets and junk food in the back corner of your cupboard. Or even better, don’t bother buying them at all. We all have the urge to nibble now and again, but in order to avoid doing so, you must discover what means of avoiding works best for you.

5. Avoid going to the supermarket when you are hungry. You will find that you subconsciously throw unhealthy products into your shopping cart. And we all know that opening that bag of potato chips on the way home is inescapable.

6. Make sure you do not skip meals, eating regularly at approximately the same times. Your diet will become both healthy and balanced, as you train yourself to avoid overindulging.

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