Four Greek beaches make CNN's top 100 list

Four Greek beaches have made the CNN's “World's 100 best beaches” list that was released May 31st, 2013

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 CNN's “World's 100 best beaches” list was published May 31st, 2013 and four Greek beaches were included in the list. 
The white sands, sheer cliffs and turquoise waters of Egremni beach on the island of Lefkada as well as the much-photographed Navagio beach with its famous shipwreck in Zakynthos, both in the Ionian Sea, made the poll.  The CNN list also featured two sandy beaches in the southern island of Crete – the otherworldly Balos, whose golden sands straddle the multi-hued blue waters on both sides and the idyllic Falasarna beach, both located in the west.

The choice of Falasarna beach was made because there's so much of it there's little chance of playing beach-mat overlap with strangers. This slice of coast takes in five consecutive beaches, the middle ones being most popular, the ones on the ends better for solitary sun lovers. On the first Saturday of August, thousands descend for Crete's biggest beach party.
Balos Beach is a lagoon of swirling colors -- pastel pinks, blues and turquoise. It can get crowded and microorganisms in the muddy shallows can cause unpleasant smells, but for postcard pictures it's one of Greece's best.
Navagio Beach, or Zakynthos Cove, or Smuggler's Bay, or Shipwreck Cove -- many names exist for this small inlet on the island of Zakynthos. All you need to know is it's gorgeous and the remains of an old ship, reportedly used to smuggle cigarettes before it met its briny demise in 1983, emerge zombie-like from the sand.
Egremni beach on the island of Lefkada was chosen for its dramatic sunsets, electric-blue water, enough room for everyone: This long stretch of sand on the island of Lefkada has become one of Greece's most popular beach retreats since a road was built in the 1990s.  Nudists often use the central stretch of beach.

Although two beaches in Seychelles ranked top five, lots of people commented at the post that they'd better swim somewhere safe as the Mediterranean waters. They did not want  boisterous huge waves or sharks to be in their mind while vacationing. The ideal climate,  the innumerable islands and the unbelievable length of the coasts certainly makes Greece the top rank choice. 


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