Flomaria Hrisafi from Lemnos

This is a specialty from Lemnos: a local pasta cut into very fine pieces. It is produced with flour from Lemnos, fresh eggs and local sheep milk.

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The kneading, the opening and the cutting of the flomaria in previous times were synonym of celebration. Housewives gathered from house to house to make the flomaria of each family, sing, gossip and at the end eat together. The cutting of the pasta would define the skills of a housewife.
The flomaria were made during the summer months for them to dry properly, and then stored to provide a quick and hearty meal during the cold winter months.
The flomaria are used in many traditional Lemnos recipes with meat or vegetables and soups. Here are some traditional dishes with flomaria:
• Rooster with tomato sauce and flomaria: traditional dish of Lemnos cooked at all local celebrations and holidays.
• Partridge in a tomato sauce with flomaria
• Flomaria with eggplant cooked in oil (or plain with fresh tomato)
• Flomaria with snails

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