Pork Fillet with Mustard Sauce

Accompany these pork fillets with crunchy fried potatoes which you can also dip into the delicious mustard  sauce.

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½ kg of pork fillet
2 tbs of olive oil
2 tbs of fresh, unsalted butter
2 glasses of white wine
1 cup of vegetable stock (or stock cube)
1 cup of Dijon mustard
sage leaves
salt and pepper


1.  Slice the pork into small fillets (about 2cm thick).

2. In a deep, stainless steel fry pan, heat the oil until smoking, along with half of the butter (1 tablespoon).

3. Brown the pork fillets well on both sides.

4. Remove from the pan, set aside and keep warm.

5. Pour the white wine into the fry pan and use a wooden spoon to loosen any "caramelised" bits of pork.

6. Add the vegetable stock and the sage leaves.

7. Once the sauce starts to reduce, add the mustard (make sure it’s good quality).

8. Allow to reduce a little more – the sauce should be of medium consistency, neither too runny nor too thick.

9. Return the pork fillets to the pan and combine the meat juices well with the sauce.

10. Bind the sauce and make it glossy by whisking the remaining butter through.

11. Pour sauce onto plates and arrange the pork fillets on top, garnishing with some finely chopped chives.


Use home made mustard to enrich the flavor
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