Taramosalata or fish roe salad without bread

The famous & tasty Greek tarama recipe without bread

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2 medium onions
juice of 1.5 lemon (or more, depending on how we prefer it)
150 g white fish roe
750 ml vegetable oil
a little white pepper
minimum of smoked salmon (1 tsp)


1. We place in a food processor the chopped onions. After they are mashed we add the lemon juice and we beat until the mixture becomes completely liquid. 
2. We then add the salmon and we beat to dissolve.

3. Then we add the fish roe again and we beat until is completely dissolved.
4. Finally we add slowly the vegetable oil, while beating, until Taramosalata gets the required thickness

5. We correct the taste by adding as much lemon juice as necessary and white pepper.

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