Pumpkin Soup with Ginger, Bitter Almonds and Leek Cannelloni

Pumpkin soup is one of our favorites! The ginger gives it a great twist and the leek cannelloni are a creative addition, which you can also use as an appetizer or on a finger food buffet. Cosy on a cold autumn evening.

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1 large potato
500 g yellow pumpkin
1 large leek
1 fresh onion
1 ginger or hot pepper
50 g bitter almonds
1 litre chicken stock
sunflower oil
60 g parmesan
bit of butter
Salt and pepper


  • We cut the leek into 5 cm- pieces. Pushing with fingers we remove the inside leaving the outside skin empty like a cannelloni. 
  • We cut the inside of the leek, the potato and 400gr of yellow pumpkin up into large pieces. 
  • We finely chop the remaining 100 gr. of pumpkin and the fresh onion
  • We grate the ginger. 
  • We break the bitter almonds into big pieces

1. We sauté the onion in sunflower oil with the finely chopped pumpkin, ginger and bitter almonds. We add the parmesan cheese last, mix and take the pan off the heat.

2. We fill cannelloni with the mixture, we wrap them in cellophane and we steam cook them or boil them in water for 8-10 minutes.

3. We sauté with a little sunflower oil and we butter the cut up pumpkin, potato and leek adding salt, pepper and a few drops of "soumada - bitter almond extract".

4. We add the chicken stock and the leaves of sage (quantity optional) and we leave the soup to boil for as long as possible on low heat.

5. We pass the soup through a mill and we serve with leek cannelloni in the center of the plate.




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