Best Restaurants and Taverns in Athens

It is a fact that most of us do not eat nearly as much fish as we should, and even fewer of us actually cook it at home. The trouble it takes to clean it and the limited time we have to cook result in us going out to eat fish. Here we have compiled some of the best restaurants and fish taverns in and around Athens for you; enjoy!

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Best Places in Athens (and around) for Seafood Pleasures:


Fish Restaurants

Papadakis: Creative approach to the art of enjoying fish from a restaurant that gained its reputation on the island of Paros and continues to amaze in rural Kolonaki.

Voukourestiou 47 & Fokilidou, Kolonaki, Tel: 210 3608 621


Jimmy and the Fish: The absolute hang-out  in Mikrolimano, Pireaus; you will find style and VIP clientele. Renowned for their “astakomakaronada” / lobster pasta. Quite a “catwalk” especially on a Saturday morning.

Akti Koumoundourou 46, Mikrolimano, Tel: 210 4124 417


Ithaki: Blessed with the most spectacular view on the coastline of Athens. An all time classic for fresh fish (request that it be grilled slightly less than their usual), fresh salads. Popular with the rich and famous.

Appolonos 28, Laimos Vouliagmenis, Tel: 210 8963 747


Kastelorizo: The small “empire” of Andreas Stavrou consists of three restaurants; all three are embassadors of elegant environment, excellent fish and seafood mezes.

Poseidonos Avenue
, Limanakia Varkizas, Tel: 210 9655 022

Platanon 2, Nea Kifisia Sq., Tel: 210 8075 408

Thiseos 334, Tzitzifies, Tel: 210 9429 027


Milos Estiatorio: The most famous – and rightly so – Greek restaurant. A “treasure tank” of fresh fish, oysters and a great variety of seafood delicacies; you will find recipes that may startle with their creative but tasty simplicity. The place businessmen, politicians and Athenian high society eat fish.

Vas. Sophia’s Avenue (Athens Hilton Hotel) Tel: 210 7244 400


Vasilenas: One of the most legendary restaurants in Piraeus, recently rennovated; it serves authentic fish food and excellent traditional plates that have been refined to impress the most eclectic taste buds.

Aitolikou 72, Piraeus, Tel: 210 4612 457



Fish Taverns

Thalassinos: Sophisticated fish tavern that still, after all these years continues to surprise with its original proposals.

Irakleous & Lisikratous 32, Tsitsifies, Tel. 210 9404 518


Leonidas: Ρenowned not only for the excellent appetizers but also the fine sea food dishes.

Μ. Geroulanou 130, Argiroupoli, Τηλ. 210 9617 901


Xipolitos: (in Greek it means bare foot!) Literally "in" the sea, it impresses with its carte-postal scenery and with its simple yet tasty sea food dishes.

Loutsa Coast, Τηλ. 22940 28342


Pezoulas: A historical tavern with amazing fried food.

Pisistratou 11, Tzitzifies, Tel. 210 9422 684


Sardelles: The most trendy fish tavern in Athens; exceptional style and wonderful fish food dishes, not traditional in style but young. Its specialty is “small” fish and grilled or fried mollusks. Don’t miss the lemon pie.

Persefonis 15, Gazi, Tel: 210 3478 050


Taverna tis Bobenas: Classic fish tavern with fantastic “astakomakaronada” lobster on pasta.

Anaxagora & Brioolon, Kessariani, Tel: 210 7213 267


Trata: a classic fish tavern, famous in Athens for both its grilled and fried fish.

Anagenniseos Square
7-9, Kessariani, Tel. 210 7291 533



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