The 12 Wine Commandments

Scroll down to learn perfect wine-serving technique.

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  1. Serve fresh wines before old wines.
  2. Never put wine in the freezer. The abrupt change of temperature will destroy the wine.
  3. Never put ice cubes in a wine, regardless of how warm it is. It will dilute the liquid, thus ruining the mixture.
  4. Pay careful attention to serving temperatures; 8-10 o C for white, sparkling, rose, and sweet wines, 16-18oC for reds. Specifically 16-18oC, not the temperature of a hot August day, is what is meant by the expression "room temperature." This means that in the summer we put all our wines in the fridge, including the reds.
  5. Serve each wine in its ideal glass. Know the difference between a red wine glass and a white wine glass (ie. red wine glasses are wider and rounder). They are designed to most effectively bring out the aromas of each variety.
  6. Do not leave the wine in the refrigerator for too long. Know that it will quickly acquire the unpleasant smell of long refrigeration.
  7. Always keep the bottle in a champagne bucket on the table. Wine becomes warm very quickly.
  8. Be sure to never hide the label from view when serving wine.
  9. When pouring, never exceed a level of 2/3 of the glass, even at the risk of being called stingy.
  10. Before you serve the wine, be sure to smell the cork, preferably discreetly, in order to detect possible odors from bad preservation.
  11. Know your wines well. Try them out and explore the different flavors. Ask producers to provide you with the rare and authentic wines of successful years.
  12. Never, at any cost, put water in your wine.
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