The Mediterranean Essential Oils, Passed-on by Our Grandmothers

There are some health-related secrets we were never told by doctors; instead we listened to and learned from our grandmothers. They have always told us of essential oils, and now, research agrees with them. Read, and try these natural remedies yourselves.

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Aggouritsa and dactylitis. For heart diseases. And for lovers.

Apple-geranium. Used in perfumes.

Flomis fruticosa. Contains antioxidants that fight both wrinkles and depression.

Valeriana root. Helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Basil. Contains linalole, used as a natural pesticide. Its essential oil also helps to ease abdominal pains. It revives the nervous system, fights stress and helps concentration. It offers relief from coughing and depression.  

Geranium. DIluted in a glass of water, a natural mouthwash for pleasant breath. Also helpful in the fight against cellulite!

Bay leaves. For arthritis, rheumatism, for all kinds of dermatitis and for hair loss.

Rosemary. Helps the lemphic system. Eases leg pains. Boosts memory.

Dictamon. Some boil it and drink it as a tea, particularly when they have the flu, while others use it as an antiseptic on wounds.

Mint. Relieves fever and headaches. Helpful for chronic skin diseases, arthritic pains and tired limbs.

Lavender. Spreads over the skin when sunburnt, on the forehead when suffering from a headache, and on the body for a therapeutic massage. 

Melissa officinalis. It’s antispasmodic, antireumatic and antiasthmatic, and also acts as an energy-booster.

Oregano. For asthma, bronchitis, coughing and cellulite.

Nettle. If you get frequent nose-bleeds, it is said that nettle-juice can immediately stop the bleeding. We can also drink it with lemongrass as a tea. 

Common sage. It disinfects, cleans the skin and eases eczema. It helps to give strength when feeling weak, and also gives off a pleasant smell.

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