Sun dried tomatoes with basil and olive oil

You can use sun-dried tomatoes in salads and in fish or meat dishes.

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Medium-sized ripe red tomatoes
Basil leaves
Garlic cloves, roughly chopped (optional)
Fine salt
Olive oil


Cut the tomatoes in half and de-seed them.  

Place them on large baking sheets, lined with baking parchment and sprinkle with salt. 

The traditional method is to cover the tomatoes with fine muslin, and leave them in the sun for about 10 days, or until they are dried but still slightly soft. 

They should be taken indoors every evening.

It is much easier to dry them in a very low oven for about 24 hours. When ready, remove the skin.

Place the tomatoes in jars interspersed with basil leaves and garlic, if used, and cover with olive oil.

 In about a week they will be ready to eat.   Always keep them well covered with olive oil.  

They will keep for several months.


From Joy Cocali

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