Mediterranean Omelet

A delicious breakfast is an omelet made the Mediterranean way!

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3 eggs whisked until smoothly
1 teaspoon olive oil, plus more for pan
2 tomatoes quartered
1 onion crumbled
some fresh basil leaves 
2 tb feta cheese crumbled
2 tbsp Kalamata olive oil.
salt  and pepper



​Sauté  the onion in a table spoon of olive oil in a non stick pan. Add the tomatoes, salt, pepper and cook for two minutes. Remove from the heat and add the feta, basil, and the olives.
Place the eggs in a frying non stick pan pan and cook until done but still fluffy.
Fill the omelet with the tomato filling.  With a spatula fold one half of the omelet over the other to close it and serve immediately.


If you want you may sprnkle some extra cheese on top.