Green salad with roasted chicken

Chef Barbarigou has always   delicious salad recipes which can be light but at the same time incredibly tasty. 

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600g roast chicken in slices
150g endives
1 lettuce, roughly chopped
a bunch of rocket
8 cherry tomatoes
1 carrot, grated

For the dressing
1/2 tea cup of mayonnaise
200g yoghurt
1 tablespoon mustard


In a bowl mix all the green vegetables together and add the grated carrot and the cherry tomatoes, halved. In a different bowl whisk all the dressing ingredients together, add the chicken slices and toss them making sure that they are dressed nicely.
Combine the chicken and the green vegetables, put them in a salad bowl and just before you are ready to divide them between the plates give the salad a final toss.


you can make this salad with all the left overs of roast chicken