Flomaria (Flat Noodles)

Home made pasta was a staple in the Lemnian household and constituted a cheap and nutritious accompaniment to any good meal of meat, poultry or game. This particular type of pasta  made from semolina and flour is a Lemnian favorite.
Pasta cut into very small pieces, like half matchsticks.

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2.5 kg of wheat flour
1 kg of white flour
500 g of fine semolina
28 whole eggs
1 tbs of salt
1.5 litres of milk
corn flour


1.  Sift the flour into a bowl, add salt and combine.

2.  Lightly beat the eggs and add them to the flour.

3.  Begin kneading the dough while gradually pouring in the milk. The dough should be hard. Cover in plastic wrap and set aside for a while.

4.  Separate the dough into 8 cm balls and start to roll out the pastry sheets. The sheets should be on the thick side.

5.  Once each ball has been rolled out, place on a tablecloth or sheet in order for it to dry out enough to allow cutting. Repeat procedure until all dough has been rolled out.

6.  As each sheet of pastry dries, fold it in half then in half again, and cut it into 2 cm wide strips. The very dexterous might like to try cutting with a sharp knife, otherwise pass the sheets through a special pasta maker.

7.  Place the resultant noodles on a cotton tablecloth and allow to dry for about a week. Store in a tin container.

  • in order to ensure that the noodles are quite dry and will not go mouldy or be attacked by weevils, dry in an oven at 50C for approximately 2 hours.