Water: the source of health

A harsh and silent truth and a few advices for a better well being.  All about water.

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Research has proven that things are simple.

About 67% of our body weight is water.  If it decreases about 2% we feel fatigue.  If it decreases to 10% we face serious health conditions.  Chronic dehydration is the main cause for most of our health problems.  Dehydration can remain unimportant and under control.  The body simply compromises to the new dry condition.

This ascertainment is in perfect contradiction with the current health system.  The insistence to face dehydration and its effects through chemical means can cause unnecessary pain, plus needless difficulties through the constant increasing cost for the “cure”…
That’s unfortunately the ultimate truth.  And it is suppressed.  However, do we know how to protect ourselves from dehydration?

First of all we need to vitiate a claim.  The body needs for water cannot be satisfied from any ready made commercial liquids.  Beverages containing caffeine or alcohol affect the human physiology causing dehydration.  In other words, these liquids remove more water from our body than the quantity used in a cup of tea or a can of cola.

The drinks that hydrate our bodies are neutralized by those that dehydrate it.  Tap water, bottled water, juices, milk and caffeine free sodas are beverages that hydrate.  Coffee, tea, caffeine sodas, beer, wine, and all other alcoholic drinks are diuretic, which means that they speed up liquid production.

It is possible to misinterpret thirst signs as hunger.  Good nourishment is an important source of water and almost one third of the daily water consumption is obtained from foods.  Raw fruits and vegetables contain 70% to 90% water.  Even bread has about 35% water.  Therefore, it is possible to confuse our need for water with food.  When we fill our stomachs with water, we are content; we experience a sense of fullness.  Sometimes hunger is disguised thirst.  Things are simpler than they seem.

This valuable knowledge we read in the book “Water:  The Ultimate Truth” by Steve Meyerowitz.

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