The Unbearable Lightness of Water

Water is as vital to our existence now as it has ever been; we must learn to appreciate the water around us and within us.


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Historically, man’s feeling of awe for water was presented through myths, fairytales, and traditions. Deucalion’s myth and Noah’s flood alike, show that water was indeed the basic of cosmogony. The great ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China based their growth on rivers like the Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, Ganges and Indus. The human intellect idolised these rivers, and created Nereids and Naiads.

Today, more than ever, it seems that the human intellect cannot understand the importance of water, even though it plays such a vital role in our existence; water will be taken for granted until the last drop.

In Greece, life in the villages and small communities revolves around the fountain and its water, the daily highlights are always discussed in the central square by the central fountain and as a result, most toponyms include the word water, tap, or fount (in greek nero, vrysi or pigi); Kefalovrisi, Kryoneri, Neromana, Kalo Nero, Xino Nero, Neromylos, Pigadakia, Xeropotamos, Kali Vrysi, Kryopigi…  

When the soul is heavy, we imagine playing in the sea, fishing in rivers, swimming in waterfalls, meditating while staring at the peaceful ocean. We love water because we are water. When we are feeling weak or low, water has the potential to help us. In her book " Water Detox", author Jane Scrivner, introduces an 18-day programme, which teaches us to introduce water into our life as an active substance.

Water is the service of the body and the programme includes 8 parts:

1. Water for life: Description of all kinds of water, ways to drink it and appreciate it.

2. The nutritional 18-day water plan: High water-content foods that provide the necessary fluids and nutritional elements.

3. Hydrotherapy: It’s not the candles that make a bath; it is the way we surround our body with hot, warm or cold water. It is the pulses and vibrations that bring out the balance.

4. Thalassotherapy: Ocean elements in our bath and life.

5. Aqua exercise: Exercising in water is quite easy and efficient. Water absorbs all vibrations and tension and water-resistance requires effort, but does not damage our bodies. Aqua exercise create a more flexible and toned body.

6. Dew of youth: Hydration gives glow and improves skin condition. Water is the best beauty secret for looking prettier in a natural way.

7. Spa: The understanding of what water can offer.

8. Follow the currency: Water is energy, pulse and vibration. Water is vitality and serenity; it can change shape, condition and direction. It sustains the memory of other elements and it can also reject everything to start over again.

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