Tasting Greece's Islands Through 5 Signature Dishes

In search  of the different tastes of Greece, we see that a map of Greece reads like a menu. Each region has a signature dish. 

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To understand Greek  cuisine, you have to realize that each region has different tradition and thus different cuisines. All Greek food is honest and each province have different gastronomy traditions.
During all my time searching for Greek Gastronomy, I found that the best version of any dish is found in a home cooked by the elder people and of course the term “best” is highly subjective; nostalgia, preference, mood and many other things play a role in the final taste. Greece is characterized by its numerous islands and the rugged terrain of the mainland. This morphological diversity creates "worlds within worlds". A trip to Greece means a fascinating exploration of tastes, flavours, unexpected combinations and endless variety.
Greeks usually enjoy food around a table, sharing it all among different generations, where food connects them all. History is usually the subject of the talk, eating dishes that have lived through history as well.

Dakos, the Cretan Salad

A Cretan meze or light meal, very similar to bruschetta, consisting of barley rusks moistened with water and covered with grated tomato, crumbled feta or myzithra cheese, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper.

Cephalonian Lamb Pie

​A typical Greek dish with a lot of pastry  and a little filling. The idea of pie is as ols as Ancient Greece. The idea is the same as the pizza. A poor man's meal. And as they say poverty is the mother of invention.

Sifnos - Cyclades
Revithada from Sifnos - a local Chickpeas soup  

Revithithada,  Chickpeas cooked in the local earthware dish called "tsoukali", is a classic Cycladic delish, and it is usully made in Sifnos since that's where the best potteries are.

Amygdalota, the wedding dessert

These small Greek type of macaroons, which have the shape of a pear is a local specialty of the small isalnd of Spethes in the Saronic Gulf.

Bourdeto, a local fish dish

Bourdeto or Bourdetto is the most famous fish dish of Corfu. It is made with different sorts of fish (scorpion fish is said to be the best) cooked in a spicy tomato sauce


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