How to Prepare a Flawless Holiday Buffet

Mediterranean cuisine can be characterized by its unique assortment of appetizers- mezedes, antipasti, and tapas. Scroll down for recipe ideas that will allow for the perfect holiday buffet...

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The whole idea of a holiday buffet based on finger foods is to provide a variety of easy-to-prepare dishes that offer an array of tastes and textures for casual "grazing". Finger foods should be just that - small tidbits that don’t require a plate to enjoy. A napkin should be more than enough. Greek cuisine has a rich choice of small hand-held pies, from traditional cheese and spinach triangles, to cylindrical shaped phyllo pastries filled with meats and cheese or vegetables- the Mediterranean equivalent to the spring roll.

Other Mediterranean finger fare can easily be culled from the whole spectrum of meze, antipasti, and tapas that are savored along the Mediterranean coast, from Turkey to Spain. Small cheese balls, such as the marinated mozzarella balls served in a toothpick with a cherry tomato cut in half, or other homemade combinations of soft cheeses, such as feta and ricotta wrapped in herbs and spices, are another great and easy solution. Mushrooms are always a favorite, and stuffed mushrooms are made to be popped into the mouth in one savory dose. Dips are not exactly finger food except that they are usually dipped into with bread or pita wedges or crudites, so they can easily be part of the smorgasbord.  Mediterranean dips such as hummus, tarama, tzatziki,  tapenade, baba ghanouj, along a great assortment of breads. Do not forget to include a  selection of crostinis or bruschettas, with seasonal garnishes. Improvise with local produce which  is not only tasty but more eco-friendly than anything flown-in.

Finally, serve plenty of fresh fruit, which is always the healthiest intermission to freshen up you palate. After all combination of fruit, cheese and charcuterie is an old time classic! 



Cocktails are a great match to this sort of buffet.  

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