Feta cheese, The Flag of Greek Foodies

Here is a fast recipe with feta cheese,  grand in its simplicity and reinvented for modern times and funky but busy cooks worldwide.

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Its base and basic ingredient is white like the unpredictable waves of the Greek Aegean sea or like the snow atop Olympus mountain (where the twelve gods lived ruled by Zeus ), no other than the famous goat milk-based feta cheese .

Then there are these little red spicy and sweet peppercorns which could signify the present austerity measures felt by all Greeks alike. Ouch!

But ... because the sun always shines inside Greeks as in Greece here comes to top it all, the happy end to everything... the tastier Greek olive oil, produced from carefully hand-picked olives and pressed to give us this fresh juice. Olive oil, a promise that all will go well, a healing food balming the wounds of all that wonder what happened to Greece and why and wait for better days to come.

Olive oil is used daily in all in Greek households and Greeks can take the selection of their olive oil very seriously. They buy it in super markets but also in delicatessen shops or order it from their relatives in their villages. There is a variety of superb olive oils from Greece, such as extra virgin olive oil (acidity less than 0,8), virgin olive oil (acidity 2%) and other olive oils that vary according to the time of harvest of the olives and the processing methods.

As for the feta there are quite a few varieties too, from saltier and sharp ones to milder feta cheese. Few of them come from specific regions of Greece carrying the name of the area (from Mount Parnassus, the city of Tripolis in Peloponnese, or the island of Cephalonia etc). Feta is consumed raw as a meze, in greek salads with onions and cucumbers or included in traditional pies and mixed with meat for stews.

Simple, fast , surprisingly tasty and unforgettable in its unique original taste, here is a cheese dish to serve and enjoy, well, whenever you feel like, like the ever spontaneous Greeks.

Choose a good greek feta cheese and serve it in its shape, if you buy it in a container or cut it in small bites if purchased by the kilo- that is if you live in Greece and buy your feta from a grocer's wooden barrel by the kilo!

Sprinkle it with red peppercorns and fresh rosemary sprigs or mint and drizzle some extra virgin greek olive oil .
Serve chilled with fresh bread, few Kalamata olives , next to a salad or on the BBQ buffet with all good friends around.
Tasty and simple and...ready in two minutes! Kali Oreksi!

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