Risotto with Pumpkin and Saffron

Although this risotto recipe uses olive oil to saute the onions, our Italian neighbours, who inspired this rice dish, would consider the use of oil an outrage, insisting rather on the use of butter from start to finish.

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2 cups of rice (only Italian Vialone or Carnaroli)
5-6 cups of vegetable stock (or stock cubes)
2 spring onions
½ cup of olive oil
1 small glass of white wine
1 tbs of fresh, unsalted butter
3 pumpkins (medium size)
saffron threads (Kozani yellow)
salt and pepper


  • Finely chop spring onions
  • Slice pumpkin lengthwise and scoop out the flesh; slice into half moon shapes.

1.  Saute the  spring onions and the rice in hot oil.

2.  When they start to turn a golden brown, add ½ cup of hot stock, taking care not to burn yourself.

3.  Allow the rice to absorb almost all of the liquid, stirring constantly, over medium heat. Add salt and pepper.

4.  Pour in a little more stock, continuing to stir whilst the liquid is absorbed.

5.  Repeat until all of the vegetable stock has been added and absorbed by the rice. It’ll take approximately 20 minutes for the stock to be absorbed and the rice become mushy.

6.  Half way through cooking, add the saffron fibres to the pan, which will give the rice a lovely golden yellow colour.

7.  About 5 minutes before the rice is done, add the white wine and the pumpkin.

8.  Before turning off the heat, add the fresh butter and combine well.

9.  Turn off the heat and cover the pan with a kitchen towel. In 2-3 minutes, the dish is ready to serve.

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