Red Mullet souffle; with a heart of sorrel, sage sauce and orange sauce.

The french-inspired light and fluffy souffle recipe adapted to create  a more elaborate plate. 

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 1 large bunch of sorrel

100 gr. Bechamel

1 kilo of red mullet

200 gr. Sea bass fillet

1 egg και 1 white

1 carrot

1 leek

1 small pumpkin

White bread crumbs

Orange peel

Juice of 2 oranges

Lemon juice

Green and red pepper grains


Cold butter

2 medium onions


50 gr. double cream


chicken stock (if desired )

salt and pepper



Start with the puree of sorrel. Sauté the sorrel in a little butter put through the blender and add the béchamel, salt and pepper (a little lemon juice, if we want it slightly sourer). Clean the red mullet and make filets. Keep 4 or 8 pieces to be fried and from the rest, keep half to prepare the inside band of the soufflé. Put the remaining red mullet with the sea bass filet in the blender and make a puree adding an egg yolk. Remove from blender and add the finely chopped leak, carrot, pumpkin, salt, pepper and 2 egg whites whipped into meringue. 


Orange Sauce

Brown the grains of green and red pepper in a frying pan. Deglaze with ouzo and add the orange juice. Leave to boil until it is reduced to half and mix in the cold butter.   


Sage Sauce

Sautee the onions with 2- 3 sage leaves in butter. Add 200 gr of water or chicken stock. Put through the blender and strain. Add a little double cream.



Spread butter over a band, measuring the size of the soufflé dish and place the red mullet fillets on the inside. Fill with mullet and sea bass puree and in the middle with puree of sorrel. Cover with fish puree.

Cook in the oven for 10 minutes at 200C.

Add orange peel and fresh grated pepper to the white bread hard tack, dip in it the red mullet fillets that were kept aside and fry them in butter. Serve the soufflé with the fried red mullet and the two sauces.



You could make this recipe with some leftover cooked fish, ommitting the fried filets .
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