Pumpkin Pie with Apples and Dates

Serve this flavorful, fruit and pumpkin pie with honey and the baked pumpkin cubes.

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½ kg phyllo pastry
1 kg yellow pumpkin (squash)
2 apples
100 gr dates
100 gr walnuts
juice & jest of one orange
juice of one lemon
100 gr butter
150 gr brown sugar


Preheat oven at 180° C.

1.  Wash the pumpkin and cut it into small cubes; place the pumpkin cubes in a pre-oiled pan and cook for 30 minutes.

2.  Meanwhile, wash, peel and grate the apples, adding at the same time part of the lemon juice, as to prevent the apples from blackening.

3.  When the pumpkin is ready, set aside a small portion for the decoration of the dish, and combine the rest with the grated apples, dates, orange juice and jest, walnuts and brown sugar.

4.  Melt the butter in a saucepan and cut the phyllo pastries in halves.

5.  Brush the baking dish with butter and lay 4 phyllo leaves on the bottom.

6.  Lightly coat each leaf with melted butter.

7.  Spread the filling over the phyllo and wrap them up to form a roll, 3 cm in diameter.

8.  Do the same with the rest of the remaining pastry leaves and filling. You will then have 6 rolls.

9.  Pour the rest of the butter over the rolls and bake them in a pre-heated oven for 45 min at a temperature of 170° C.



You can serve them sprinkled with icing sugar
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