Onion Pie

This savory onion pie is all  you need for a great supper on a cold night.

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For the stuffing

1 kg Gruyère cheese, diced

2 eggs, beaten

2 dry onions, finely grated

dill, finely chopped the dill

some salt


For the phyllo

750 gr. flour


2 tbs butter

some salt

1 tbs baking powder

1 egg (optional)


In a bowl place the cheese, then add the 2 eggs, the salt and the pepper.

Stir all the ingredients of the stuffing together.

Prepare the dough with the flour, the baking powder, some oil and lukewarm water.

Knead well and crumble the dough on a flat surface.

Take a piece of dough and with a rolling pin open a phyllo, make sure it is big enough to cover the pan over the edges.

Place the phyllo in the well-greased pan and spread the stuffing over it so that it covers the whole surface.

With the rolling pin open a second phyllo, butter it, roll it up again and open it a second time.

Place it over the stuffing and using the part that is over the edge from the bottom phyllo (the one that is sticking out of the edges of the pan) bring it over the top and secure it well with the top phyllo to keep the stuffing in its place.

Carve the pie with a knife, making rhombus shapes, and pierce each rhombus piece twice with a fork, pour plenty of oil on top making sure it spreads all over the pie and bake in a medium temperature for approximately one hour.


In the winter time when leeks are seasonal, you can convert it into a leek pie.
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