Baked Apple for Babies (...and adults)


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1 tsp of black and golden raisins
2 dried apricots, without the pip
2 dried prunes, or dates, without the pip
lemon squeezed
1 apple
10g butter


Preheat the oven to 180°C 

1.Mix the dried fruit with the lemon juice and cut them up roughly in the blender.

2. Wash the apple but do not peel it. Use the appropriate gadget to clear out the center of the apple – you may need to remove a little more that just the core if you want to add more filling.

3. With a sharp knife cut around the apple (not right through) and place it on a small fire-proof baking tin. Fill the hole with the mix of dried fruit and add the butter – do not worry if it doesn’t all fit in, since the butter will melt and cover the top of the apple giving it a shine as it bakes and allowing you to poke gently with a sharp knife.  




You can serve this as a healthy dessert for a dinner party. Bake 1 apple per guest and accompany it with whipped cream or custard. This recipe will make everybody happy! *Recipe from "Feed Me!" byRecipe from Feed Me! by Gerrie Hawes
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