Loukoumades from Cyprus

Delicious Greek loukoumades are similar to doughnuts and are equally popular as a mid-morning snack in Greek cafes and pastry shops. Cyprian loukoumades are different because they are made with potato but they are just as delicious.

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1 piece of beer yeast the size of an almond
1 glass of mashed potatoes
2 glasses of flour, hard
2 cups lukewarm water

1 glass honey
1 glass sugar
1 glass water


  • Prepare the mashed potatoes as usual by boiling 2 potatoes or you could prepare ready made mashed potatoes that could be found in the supermarket.

1.  In a bowl dissolve the yeast with the water; add the flour and then the mashed potatoes. Stir with a wooden ladle to combine all the ingredients into a pulp for the loukoumades.

2.  Leave the mixture to rest until it doubles in size and develop large bubbles.

3.  In a pot add plenty of oil and leave it to burn then fry the loukoumades carefully so they wont burn.

4.  For the loukoumades there is a special tool that takes the pulp and once placed in the pot with the burning oil it gives it a special shape while frying. If you don’t have it then use 2 tablespoons by placing the pulp between the two spoons and giving it a round shape.

5.  To prepare the syrup, place all the ingredients together and boil for approximately 10 minutes.

6.  Once the loukoumades are ready place them immediately in the syrup. Leave them for a little so that they could absorb the syrup.

7.  Once all the loukoumades are ready and placed on the platter in a heap, pour honey on top and serve. You could sprinkle with crushed walnuts and cinnamon on top, if desired.