Croatian Potato dumplings with Plums (Knedle sa sljivama)

You probably have never heard of sweet potato dumplings before, moreover ones stuffed with plums. They are much easier to make than they appear and are a truly delicious Croatian dessert that can also be served as a side dish with game of not rolled in sugar!

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1 kg potato
2 small cups oil
2 eggs
15-20 tbsp wheat groats
15-20 (or more) flour
bread crumbs (as much as you need) for later usage
some sugar
about 20 medium plums


  • De-pit the plums

1. Cook the potatoes whole without peeling. When they are done, let them cool and then peel and mash.

2. Add the wheat groats, oil, flour and eggs and knead well – it should be hard, not sticky.

3. Fry the bread crumbs in a pan (without oil!) until golden and set aside. Mix with the sugar.

4. Boil some water in a shallow and wide pot. Take a little dough at a time, place it around a plum to make a little ball. Put them in the boiling water – you will know ealise they are done when they float.

5. Remove them with a latticed spoon and roll them in the mixed bread crumbs and sugar to create an even and full crust.

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