Tortellini with Steamed Fresh Onions and Red Peppers

Quick, easy and tasty! Try this tortellini pasta recipe geared towards the lazy but not so lazy cook, and the Italian lovers!

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500g tortellinis
4 fresh onions
2 red peppers
4 pointed red pepper
½ cup olive oil
freshly ground pepper


  • Chop the fresh onions in slices of medium thickness vertically going down the stalk
  • Slice your peppers in irregular pices about 1cm x 1cm
  • Finely chop your dill

Preheat your oven to max temperature


1. Roast your pointy peppers in the oven until soft, covering tightly with aluminium foil.

2.Boil the tortellini for 10 minutes, or as indicated on the packet, in the bottom part of your steamer.

3.  Place the red peppers and the fresh onion on the top part of the pot until they are steamed.

4.When the tortellini are ready, strain them and pour cold water over them.

5. Mix the olive oil, pointy peppers, salt and  freshly ground pepper in a blender.

6. Use the bottom part of your steamer to warm the pepper sauce up.

7. Add the tortellini and the stemaed vegetables.

8. Stirr unitl evenly distributed and warm.

9. Serve in a platter and sprinkle with finely chopped dill.



You can find tortellini of various flavors, even fresh ones, at large super markets or deli's The reason you pour cold water over the tortellini is to stop the boiling.
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