Fried Meatballs (Qofte te ferguara)

Traditionally served with fried poatoes, or rice, these meatballs are a reflection of the influence Middle Eastern culture has had on Albania. Small fried meat balls are another one of the dishes you will find all around the med; food is concrete evidence that once upon a time we were not all so distinctly separated by imaginary lines drawn on paper.


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½ kg ground meat (lamb, beef or chicken)
1 slice stale bread, broken up
2 tbsp chopped feta cheese
1 onion
salt, pepper
crushed dried mint leaves
½ cup flour
1 cup oil (olive oil recommended)


  • Finely grate the onion
  • Crumble the feta with your hands

1. Soak bread in water until very soft. Squeeze hard to drain.

2. Combine meat, bread, feta cheese, onion, salt, pepper, bread crumbs and mint to taste.

3.  Knead mixture well and form into 1/2-inch thick balls.

4. Emptyt the flour on a large palte and roll the balsl in the flour. Fry in olive oil heated to 350 and 365 degrees.

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