Juicy donuts with yeast, served them with honey or sugar syrup, honey and cinnamon or nuts. The most classic version of a very favorite for all ages, traditional Greek dessert.

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1 kg flour
2 sachets yeast
2 teaspoon salt
warm water
oil for pan
honey - cinnamon


1. We place in a bowl 1/3 kg of flour.
2. In ½ cup 9 of warm water we crumble yeast and we add the flour.
3. We mix well until it becomes a thick porridge.
4. We cover the bowl and leave for 1-1 ½ hours until doubled the batter and make blisters.
5. We add as much water as is needed the batter from becoming too dense.
6. In deep fryer or pan we add olive oil or corn oil and we put it in the fire to burn.
7. Then we cut it with a spoon (which are constantly under water) tablespoons of porridge that we catch our left hand and squeezing between the thumb and forefinger and pour in boiling oil.
8. With slotted spoon we press the donuts into the oil to cooked and browned.
9. We remove them and we place them on absorbent paper.

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