Pasta with Lobster; Milos Estiatorio

Classic summer recipe with the aromas of the Med right in your plates. Maybe is more difficult to find fresh lobster, than it is to cook it. Here's the best recipe to do so from Milos restaurant.

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1 lobster
50 gr. onions finely cut
50 gr. Celery finely cut
50 gr. Carrots finely cut
½ tomato through the sieve
20 ml cognac Metaxas 7*
20 ml wine Chardonnay Katsarou
10 ml olive oil
20 γρ. butter
Salt pepper
Parsley finely chopped


Boil the lobster for 3-4 minutes. Open in half and remove meat from inside the claws. Sauté the onions, carrot, celery in olive oil and add the lobster and its meat, face down, sauté for a little longer; then pour the cognac and wine and cover the pan. 


Remove the lid after two minutes, add the tomato and butter, sprinkle black pepper. Lift out the lobster and throw in the pan the linguini  that has just been boiled; mix well until the sauce thickens.  


Serve each plate, by cutting half the lobster into small pieces and placing it over the linguini. Top with chopped parsley.



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