Ice-cream with Saffron and Honey

Saffron in the ice-cream is great as long as the aroma isn’t excessively used. Its combination with honey is fantastic. It is best served topped with honey and chopped roasted almonds. 

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  • ½ lit cream milk
  • 180 gr honey
  • 25 threads saffron
  • skin of half an orange


If you have and ice-cream mixer it is easy: Pour in the machine the ingredients and follow the instructions of the ice-cream mixer.

If you don’t have an ice-cream mixer then a metallic pan is necessary for mixing and freezing.

Remove the skin from the orange, without the white part, and put it in a pot with ½ cup of water and let it boil for a minute.

Drain the juice in a bowl and when it cools down add the saffron and let it soak for a while.

Beat with the mixer the cream milk until it becomes thick.

Then stir the contents with the honey and saffron until they become a smooth mixture.

Pour the mixture in the metallic pan or the ice-cream machine and place it in the freezer.


Choose Greek thyme honey, as it gives the ice-cream a magnificent flavor.
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