Grilled Eggplant Mille Feuille with Tomato Sauce & Strained Greek Yogurt

We hope we have made it clear that at Gourmed we are adamant about making things from scratch and using pure un-processed ingredients. Sometimes though, some companies care about their consumers and produce goods that compete fairly with their home-made version; and the truth is they give us busy cooks ways to produce healthy and yummy food in a jiffy.

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3 medium eggplants, cut into ½ inch rounds
½-1 cup  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus more for garnish
2 jars of  gourmet  Tomato Sauce
2 cups strained Greek yogurt


Preheat the oven to 180°C

 Brush a large baking sheet with olive oil. Place the eggplant rounds on the sheet and brush each round with oil. Broil for about 5-6 minutes, turning when necessary, until lightly browned and soft. Be careful not to over broil the eggplant rounds lest they burn or become so soft they won’t hold their shape. Remove and cool.

 Have ready a 2 ½- inch in diameter x 2 ½ - 3 inch deep ring mold. Place in center of serving plate. Place one eggplant round on bottom, top with a scant teaspoon of the tomato sauce over the eggplant round. Continue with another three-four eggplant slices. Top with 2 tablespoons yogurt. To serve drizzle with Olive Oil. 

Alternatively, you can layer the eggplants in a serving dish, cover with sauce, with another layer of eggplants and with the yogurt. Refrigerate until firm enough to cut and serve cold.



Before using layer the eggplant rounds in a colander and salt between each layer. Place a plate and then weight on top and let the eggplants drain for about one hour. Remove and pat dry with paper towels.
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