Chocolate and Vanilla Cream

So simple but so delicious!Like the old-times movies, this dessert never becomes boring.

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400 gr. milk
100 gr. Double cream 35% fat
6 egg yokes
100 gr. sugar
100 gr. Cooking chocolate guanaja 70% cacaο, broken into small pieces
1 stick of vanilla split lengthwise in two


Mix in a small sauce pan the milk, cream and vanilla.

In a bowl add sugar to egg yolks and stir.

Add a little of the milk mixture to the egg yolks and continue to stir.

Gradually, fully blend the two mixtures. Place over medium heat and stir constantly.

Before it boils, at about 84-85º C (beyond this temperature the cream will spoil because the yolks will cook), remove from heat and pour over the broken in pieces of cooking chocolate.

Remove vanilla stick and put through the blender until it has become smooth.

Allow it to cool down still stirring and fill 6 coffee cups. Keep refrigerated. 


Use the best chocolate you can find for delicious taste
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