Modern Love Elixirs

What exactly is that Valentine's Day "love elixir?" Scroll down to learn about aphrodisiacs...

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February. In the middle of winter, with less days, but more feelings. Specifically, it's the 14th and chocolate, strawberries, champagne, mussels abound, as the libido starts dancing the tango for 24 hours. On lovers’ day almost everybody seeks to become contemporary Don Juan and Gilda. What exactly is that love elixir behind the red wrappings, a combination that lifts the profits of industry so dramatically in the space of one day?


Though people always say that love boosts the appetite, the reverse is actually more accurate. It is the appetite, certain foods in fact, that have the ability to stimulate sexual desire. Erotic mood, sexual activity and the reaction to any food with aphrodisiac properties all begin with the brain. Specifically, the neurotransmitters that carry messages to the brain are responsible for the transmission of sexual stimuli, creating a sense of euphoria and thus enhancing sexual desire. Below you will find a list of ingredients that could truly make your Valentine's-Day Evening a night to remember...


Vitamin E (as in Eros). A vitamin that makes the heart muscles and nerves work with less oxygen, thus helping stamina. While it protects blood cells, it has a direct effect on fertility and sexual activity. It can be found in ground sesame, olive oil, and avocado.


Zinc. King of testosterone and estrogen, sexual hormones. This chemical element can be found in large quantities within sea food, especially shells, as well as in mushrooms, eggs and meat. Zinc simply reinforces and enhances our senses of taste and smell, thus causing us to think that it is the smell of food that increases the female libido. In fact, the zinc is indirectly responsible for the dramatic rise in libido.


Omega – 3 fatty acid & L-Arginin. Elements that drastically better blood circulation, indirectly enhancing our sexual functioning. Foods that contain such elements are salmon, cabbage, and soy.


Potassium. A chemical element that regulates the functioning of the nervous system and decreases blood pressure. The decrease in blood pressure causes the body to feel rested and relaxed. We can find potassium in fruits, cereals, tuna.


Fiber. A dietary material that helps blood reach the whole body, increasing circulation and creating a feeling of euphoria. Can be found in great quantities within fruits (especially the Valentine's-Day strawberry), and vegetables (especially carrots, asparagus, and of course beans).


Hot Spices. An ingredient that raises body temperature and causes a dramatic spike in blood circulation, thus raising libido and enhancing our sexual functioning. Chili and curry are among the most common of the hot spices.


Wine (and Champagne). An alcohol that is associated with romance for its sweet taste and red-pink hues. Such liquids reduce inhibitions and are known to elevate the libido...


Chocolate. An ingredient that has antioxidating and psyco-stimulating abilities due to the flevonole that it contains. It helps reduce blood pressure and better the functioning of the heart. Therefore, chocolate enhances blood circulation and ensures the better functioning of all organs. During its consumption endorphins (the natural opium) are released from the brain, relieving pain and improving the mood.


Interestingly, all foods that have the shape of a phallus are considered to be aphrodisiacs. Even if they don’t contain any of the necessary elements, they still create stimulating associations within the brain.


A table for two please, on the 14th.

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