The Symbolism of Red Easter Eggs

On Easter Thursday, all Greek women dye eggs red. How has this tradition emerged, and what does the color red symbolize?

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Why eggs? Some say that the egg symbolizes fertility and creation. According to others, the egg does not symbolize birth, but the resurrection of the world. The egg is linked to the Springtime renewal of Nature and in Christianity, it symbolizes Christ's resurrection, which signifies both a beginning and a return.

Why red? Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, and therefore his crucifixion, a critical event for the Orthodox Church.  

Why on Easter Thursday? Holy Week is a period of mourning, when we recall the Passion of Christ. Easter or Maundy Thursday was the day of the Last Supper, when Jesus Christ offered bread and wine, symbolizing His body and blood, and prepared to sacrifice Himself to save us from sin.

Once again this year, we will follow tradition, and we will do it consciously. We will buy eggs, we will dye them and polish them with olive oil.  And on Holy Saturday, after church, gathered with our families around the table, we will pick the “unbreakable” lucky egg, which we hope will defeat the rest. This egg is the symbol of life and the egg cracks, just as the vault that Jesus Christ had risen from. 

P.S. Hard boiled Easter eggs also challenge those who like being creative in the kitchen, to find new and tasty ways to use the leftovers!

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